Under the judicial lien process we will offer the following units for public auction.

****Please see the Vehicle Auction Disclaimer below****

Terms and Conditions

*Terms of Sales – All Vehicles are sold “AS IS” or “FOR PARTS”, where IS, with no warranty nor guarantee, expressed or implied, including but not limited to any warranty of fitness for any particular purpose or merchantability. Vehicles are all sold “as parts” unless otherwise specified.

No warranty or guarantee either is made with respect to the accuracy of any information provided to buyers regarding vehicles, provided in written form, image form, or verbally and buyer should not base their bids solely on information provided for buyers’ convenience. This information includes, but is not limited to –year, make, model, VIN, Mileage, Odometer, Discloser, Condition, Actual Cash Value, Estimated Repair Cost, Damage Type, whether or not the cars starts, and/or the state/country vehicle is registered or plated in.

We do not guarantee that vehicles currently meet or can be modified to meet local emissions and/or safety requirements for any inoperable vehicles.

It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to ascertain, confirm, research, inspect, and/or investigate vehicles and any and all information regarding the type, condition, and status of vehicles prior to placing bids.

Title will not be issued at the time of auction. BDVR-140 Form required by the Secretary of State (MICHIGAN) will be provided to buyer within 2 weeks, but may take up to 6 months if the vehicle is registered in another state. It is the buyer’s responsibility to apply for a title with the Secretary of State. Vehicles not found in a Michigan vehicle lien search, and/or found to be registered within another state may take up to 6 months for processing.

We do not guarantee that vehicles can be sold legally registered in any state or country. Buyer accepts any and all risks associated with variations in marketability of vehicles purchased. For example, buyer may purchase a vehicle in one state under a clear title but is required to sell same vehicle under salvage title state where business is located.


Who May Attend the Auction

The auction is open to the public. However, those tenants in auction, alternates, access users or associates of the tenant are not permitted to attend the auction and are not permitted on the property unless express written permission has been provided by the facility in advance of the auction.  The staff or auctioneer may require you to provide a photo ID to enter the property. All attendees will need to register with their information.  The facility reserves the right to deny any party access to the property or auction for any reason, at any time.

Threatening, menacing, violent, or offensive behavior will not be tolerated and those deemed in violation will be removed from the property immediately and not permitted to attend any future auctions.


No Refunds Under Any Circumstances

We make no claim of any kind as to whether the vehicle will start or run-now-or after removal from our lot. All fees associated with the vehicle, including but not limited to: removal, towing, storage, mechanic fees, insurance, legal fees, etc. Vehicles must be removed from the lot within 48 hours following the auction.


DONNA’S STORAGE shall be entitled to attorney fees and all costs incurred in enforcing its rights in this disclaimer for vehicle auctions.